London Town FC Team Selection Policy


London Football Association rule 8 states that Clubs competing in the LFA Cups “will be expected to field the strongest team available in every tie. Should the Committee decide the spirit of this rule is being breached it will reflect this when positioning Clubs in the draw for the following season.”

It is these rules, as well as the aim that teams are selected on merit and that all players are members of London Town Football Club and should be available for selection for any team that informs the selection policy of London Town Football Club.

Process –

All squads to be selected on the basis of LFA rule 8, with availability confirmed and e-mailed to by 12:00 noon on each Friday where matches are due to be played on a proceeding Sunday.

Availability –

Places are offered on first come first serve unless the number of players in a particular position is especially low; i.e., if the team is lacking in defenders then it needs to give priority to defenders even if they have not been able to reply before others. The response from each player making themselves available for the game on Sunday must be received by Friday noon. Responses after this will not be considered for the game on that Sunday.

Approach –

The coaches who are directly involved with the players are deemed to have the best knowledge regarding the players they coach and therefore the coach will have a final say as to who plays in their squad. The coach will base their decision on the following factors:

Training attendance frequency and punctuality to training and games
Strict adherence to all policies; namely Membership Policy, Player Code of Conduct

Method –

1. The club reserves 11 places in the Sunday squad for players participating in the training sessions most frequently each month.

4. The club reserves 3 substitute places for players who participate in the training sessions less frequently.

An exception will only be applied to players who have joined the club before 01/01/2012 and have been regular contributors to the club since.

In the interest of progress the above exception will only last until 30 September 2013.

5. Frequency is measured as out of 4 times a month


Commitment to attending training frequently and punctuality to games and training will be some of the major factors upon which the coaches will base their decision for team selection, balanced with picking the strongest available team. Players must also have adhered to other club policies.

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