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London Town FC


The comments below are feedback players both past and presents have made regarding our club.

TINI KAJA: Every Monday I look forward to the game with London Town FC on Sunday.

THOMAS WILTON: I very much love being part of the club! In fact I swell with pride knowing that I play for a football club that bears the name of my city of birth, London!

CHRISS BOUAMR: It is a great experience playing in and being part of the team at London Town FC.

ALMUNHALLAB ALNABHANI: we are a friendly team; a great team; i am in the right place

What I enjoy most about being part of the team is that there are really talented individuals both old and young and on match days everyone wants to show their game!

ALASTAIR SALMON: Hi Alban that was a great message from you. It shows how much you care and how good you are at motivating the team, u compliment every player and bring the best out of us, its been a great step up in. … bringing in 2 more teams into the league has brought the level of football to a higher standard and therefore much competitive and fun. I have enjoyed the last 5 games more than any other of the past matches.

RICHARD BRADSHAW: Last game (sun 02 Dec 2012) was amazing. Great team spirit. Played like gents too. I like these guys. Well done Alban. The team is great and the league is too.

RICHARD BRADSHAW: really enjoyed last night (03/03/13). The score doesn’t matter when there are decent guys in your team. The other team were good sports & ref was great. Great job Alban.

ROY LIM: i think our midfield went missing in the match and we may need to assign on midfielder to be a defensive destroyer sitting right in front of the back for! (03/03/13)

BENJAMIN SAPIN: Playing for London Town FC is a great pleasure. Every week, I look forward to playing another match with my teammates. We are all very passionate and we want just enjoy the game, and spend good times together.”

When Benjamin Returned to France he said: I would like to thank all the team of London Town FC! It\’s been a great pleasure playing with passionate teammates like you! Awesome people for an amazing club. I\’ll keep plenty of good memories and I\’ll come back sooner than you can imagine.

ALEX MARTIN: (13/03/13) the experience of being part of London Town FC has dramatically improved since may 2011. Having a club website and the way in which the team is organised are first class features of London Town FC. The camaraderie is there for all to see.

Having a referee has also reduced the constant confrontations that used to blight every game; so instead we now enjoy uninterrupted football.

CHIAM C. HONG: I’m glad to be part of this wonderful team and get to meet people from all walks of life. We have a lot of good people in the team and I’m privilege to be on the same side, regardless of the final outcome of our matches (04/04/2013).