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Team Warming up


Teamwork is what describes our team spirit writes Thomas Wilton

I joined the London Town FC in April 2011 after receiving an email inviting new players to join an 11 aside team. The email was from Richard Bradshaw. I went along and I was hooked even though we took a 6 – 2 pasting.

I invited Alistair Salmon, John Halsted and Dave Covey to the team. Sadly we kept on losing. Although in parts we played some great footballs, losing was the general thread for most of that season. So London Town FC, our team, came last in the Westway Sunday League, a four team league.

The second season started at some point in July 2011. A new player named Alban Bytyqi joined the team. He asked to take over the management of the team. Under his leadership the team started to take shape. We brought in new players and the team started to play a better organised game. More new player joined in every position, and we were fortunate to find Vinnie the goalkeeper. However will still kept leaking goals in.

Although Alban’s management of the team had made a difference, the team lost most of the games in the first season of his leadership. During the last season of 2011, Alban’s second season in charge, everything changed. We soon set in to be the team to beat. Our team had settled in and was playing proper passing football, defending like a team and had an amazing defensive midfield and a striking force up front; as Dominic Steward and Albi Vlora scored 20 and 10 goals respectively.

All good stories have a fairy tale ending. For the first time the team had real expectations and there was a great momentum. The winter season was nothing short of a great achievement. The team personnel was set and organised. Most of our games were won, of them we won 9 – 4. Three of our games were drawn and only two were lost.

We knew we were well positioned in the hunt for silver wear. The team realised that we could go on to win the season’s final title. Nerves got tense. We topped the league table a couple of times but were knocked off by our seasonal arch rivals the Blues. With three games to go, it was time we faced them again, this time for a final show down. We beat them 6 – 3. With this victory our team topped the league by two points. We had to win the next game against the Yellows who had been 3rd in the league during the entire season. We beat the yellows 5 – 2 and won the WSL title for the first time. Like all fairy tale endings we didn’t need the last game.

The chanting of CHAMPIONES, CHAMPIONES, OLE, OLE, OLE was echoed from the stands. The crowd was only its tens but still I know myself and the entire team felt an amazing sense of pride in this achievement. Not even Man City with all their billions had created a championship winning side. We had started as zeros and ended the year as heroes. One word would explain this achievement “TEAMWORK” win, lose or draw that’s how we play.