The stage was set. The sun was beaming. Two London Sunday League Clubs. There was geese poo too. The ground was harder than a rock. Both teams had conceded 8 goals by the same third team in earlier games in the season. It was poised; for both teams wanting to forget the heavy defeat memories inflicted on them by what seems likely to be the title winners of League Two (Div 4 of 9) at the Southern Sunday.

The handshake

There was the customary handshake which has been adopted in fine style and swagger by our league. The referee, a young man from the local area walked with pride to the centre of the pitch, inspecting the player equipment and pointing to #Londoners’s keeper that he had forgotten the shin pads. Game started nervously for both teams, but poised for the midfield battle. It was not magic but a good old set piece that game the visitors opportunity to score from their corner.

To the last Whistle

The goal did not phase the #Londoners. We carried on as if the game was nil all. We knew something would come along. It was Florian’s birthday and he had been looking forward to the game all week long – he wanted his birthday goal. Various memes had circulated in the player banter showing how he would fail to score. Luck would have it, the opposition presented the best gift. They conceded a penalty after having brought down Londoners’s best Muller-like player – where it was said back then that Germany starts the game with one player less but has a guaranteed goal. Valon usually works very hard, does not score many – but provides plenty of beautiful passes for others to score.

Captain leading by example

Our captain Gergo Komjati pounced; taking advantage of a melee after a free (or corner) kick was not properly cleared. He may have been assisted by Guille who was having a fine game. He headed the ball at the back of the net – Londoners had come from behind to lead. But the visitors were not going to give up – they had a start left flank in @94CAMRAM who was going to produce a magic, Sadio mane like shot from the edge of the box, pinging it top corner as of he was playing pool. Both teams cheered the goal – when we rarely see quality at the Sunday affairs, we appreciate it.


For Londoners the game ended with the feeling that we could have won. The opposition thought the same but from their point of view making a very provocative statement on their twitter feed:

London Town FC is an amateur London football team. We are still looking for reliable players who want to win a trophy during 2019 / 20. If you are ambitious and want to be part of a great team, fill in our registration form. Please make sure all the fields are completed accurately.

Once received, one of the volunteers will check your details and will invite you to trials. Please look out for the email invite and reply at your earliest convenience. We are lucky to have a title sponsor in House Renovation

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