Over 73% of London Town FC members voted to elect their captain and vice captains. Unusual to the traditional approach where football clubs appoint their captain, London Town management team decided that it wanted the players themselves to help make the decision. This was due thanks to very high-quality players and people which made it more difficult.

Captain Selection votes

London Football Club

The management team nominated 7 players as candidates for the responsibility within the club. Members were asked to vote 5/7 and self-voting was not allowed.

22 members voted using a points system whereby the first choice would receive 10 points and the other nominations between 9-0 points accordingly.

Voting lasted several weeks and members were continuously encouraged to vote by the management team. Votes were sent in via email to the club’s email address. Nobody had access to see other votes.

As the voting went on, it emerged that this was going to be a tight race, but Piotr Piotrowski received the largest number of points, 134 in total. When asked to comment, Piotrowski said, “I am honoured and surprised”. Piotr has been playing for the club since July 2013 and is a well-respected member of the first team.

The runner-up, Luke Benson who joined the club in January 2014, received 9 points fewer, amazing 125 in total. Reacting to the news, “I am honoured to have received such a backing from the team and looking forward to supporting Piotr in his capacity” said Luke.

The third and fourth place were trusted to Ravi Champaneria who joined the club in March 2015 and Karan Bathija in July 2015; each receiving 123 and 110 points respectively.

Valon Isufi who has been a great addition to the club since joining in July 2014, came fifth with 86 votes.

Tini Kaja, the club’s treasurer and co-founder said, “Electing the captain this way demonstrates how the club values its members and places special significance to the role and responsibilities of the captain.”

Commemorating this significant development in the club’s history, Tini who also runs Albertini Restaurant in Charlton Street, between Euston and Kings cross would, is offering all London Town members a discount of 30% off any spent.

Written by Alban Bytyqi

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