At London Town FC we will follow government and FA safety guidelines rigorously.


If anyone shows symptoms of Covid-19 or has been in contact with someone displaying symptoms within the last two weeks, then they should stay at home until an NHS practitioner advises them that they no longer need to remain in isolation.


As of the 19th August, this guidance has been updated to provide clarification on the test and trace information on page 10. The Government has provided information on what to do if a member of your household has symptoms and it is essentially that everyone follows this guidance. The information on the NHS Test and Trace and how it works can be found here.


In order for our club members and volunteers to play in a covid safe environment we will follow the government and FA guidelines. Some of their guidelines have been summarised into the following steps:

As a club we will do everything to inform our members and participants  and review the measures implemented in response to these regularly, particularly when Government advice or guidance changes.

  1. We will keep up to date with Government and FA Please ensure that they are followed at all times and communicate the guidelines to all individuals connected with your club. Please see the latest FA Guidance on Permitted Grassroots Activity During Covid-19 for more details click here.
  2. We will contact the club’s insurance provider to ensure that your club is suitably covered to undertake activities in the current public health See additional notes below.
  3. Undertake regular risk assessments of the club’s activities, ensuring that each one is named, signed and dated by those completing and approving it – see below for more details. Risk assessments are ’living documents‘ and should be updated and reviewed regularly and kept in active use to mitigate any new or changing risks. Undertake specific employee/volunteer risk assessments for anyone undertaking high-risk roles or tasks.
  4. Adapt activities and update the club’s policies in light of steps 1-3. Policies to be updated include: Health and Safety Policy; and Data Privacy Policy to cover the handling of data where clubs capture data about attendees at sessions to aid the NHS Test and Trace
  5. Ensure that everyone – board/committee members, coaches, first aiders, volunteers, parents and players – is aware of the club’s Covid-19
  6. Do not undertake an activity if the club has any concerns about the safety of club officials and/or participants.
  • As our facility is used widely by the public, we will encourage our members to maintain social distancing from other groups;
  • The facilities we use will provide signage to direct the flow of people to assist social distancing;
  • Reduce congestion at entrances and exits;
  • Access to and from toilet facilities;
  • One-way systems in/out;


  • We will ensure that we provide accessible facilities and comply with health and safety legislation;
  • Ensure access is still provided to accessible toilets, accessible parking bays and accessible access into facilities;
  • Changes to toilet facilities, their location and accessibility including access to hand-washing facilities.
  • We will communicate to our members to ensure participants arrive changed and ready to exercise and leave immediately after the
  • We will inform our facilities providers to ensure toilets space is kept clean –
  • We will direct people to where they can wash their hands;
  • Facilities provider will provide signage to remind people of the importance of washing their hands thoroughly;
  • We will inform our members that spitting should be avoided, as the main mode of transmission of the virus is in respiratory secretions. We will not allow chewing gums it is either spat out or rolled into a ball and taken out and thus poses a high risk of cross contamination.
  • We will ask our participants to bring their own named hand sanitiser for when soap and water is not available (use alcohol-based hand sanitiser);
  • The facilities provider will provide paper towels for drying hands and sealed bins for placing paper towels and tissues in. If there is any concern that someone may have had symptoms of, or been infected with Covid-19, ensure these are double-bagged in line with Government guidance.
We will inform our members that Each participant must self-screen prior to arrival at training to ensure they do not have any of the following symptoms (confirmed by a parent for those under age 18), as these are potential indicators of Covid-19 infection.
  • A high temperature (above 37.8oC)
  • Some clubs may include on-site temperature checking of participants as part of their SOP, this is more relevant to clubs who employ medical staff.
  • A new continuous cough.
  • Shortness of breath.
  • A sore throat.
  • Loss of or change in normal sense of taste or smell.
  • Feeling generally unwell.
  • Been in close contact with/living with a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19 in the previous two weeks.

Key considerations for our club:

  • Clean equipment between uses:
    • Our club will not provide ball, bibs and other equipment. These will be the player’s own equipment.
  • Limit sharing of equipment where possible:
    • We will advise our players to ensure equipment is handled as little as possible by as few people as possible;
    • Each participant should bring to training their own water bottles, sun cream and medication each of which should be clearly labelled with their
  • Have strict hand hygiene:
    • If individuals are going to share equipment, including balls, always ensure the individuals’ hands are thoroughly cleansed using alcohol-based hand gel, if clean running water and soap are not available, before and after
  • We will keep a register of all of our participants, of anyone attending sessions, to help manage ‘NHS Test and Trace’, if an infection is reported to someone present.

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