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I want to join a football team


join a football team

For the Londoners who love the beautiful game, come join us for an exciting season. Being one of the amateur London football clubs, we take pride in our team spirit, the love for the game and the respect for other teams and game officials.

You are thinking, “I want to join a football team”. We don’t blame you, the game is too beautiful not to play it. After reading about our club, come join us. We offer regular training and games.

Since we established in May ‘11, we have become the home of football to player from around the world. We have players from around the world, from the Arabian peninsula, to America, from Brazil to Japan. Our current players form a dedicated, reliable cup winning squad, however, we need a few more players to strengthen our club. We are excited about the new season and we want you to register with us. So if you are saying, “I want to join a football team”, come join us today.

Our players are excited about joining a new 11 team league for the new season.

Reliable players who want to win a trophy during 2019 / 20, use this link to join London Town.

At London Town FC, we are proud to have a title sponsor in House Renovation London.

11 a side football team in London


The background

Thousands of amateur London football clubs compete in hundreds of leagues all across London. Some pitches are top class and some are bottom of the pit muddy. Our home pitches at regents park were amazing most of the season.

Our Season

The season was history in the making. Gradual but certain.  Purely based on determination, team work and a spirit of wanting to be the best we could be. Everyone competed against his own quality and making our collective games better. Our club won our first trophy eight years after we were established.

We started our season slowly. The guys nearly won every game and yet we kept losing. We lost the first home game 2 – 3 to the team that ended up 1 place below us on goal difference. We drew the next game to the team that ranked last come end of the season. Third home game we still lost 3 – 4 to the team that ranked second come end of the season.

Away performance

Our away performance was dreadful. The boys lost the first 6 away games. And then, as if by magic, we won our first away game, beating Beaujolais Fun Boys 6 – 0.  We won the next away game 4 – 1 against Clapham Southgate – who eventually ranked 10th in a league with 11 teams.

It was a season of two halves. In the first part of the season we only managed to win 2 games and draw 1. After January, we won cup matches and league matches back to back. We returned a favour to the team who beat us 5 – 0 on our first game, by thrashing them 7 – 1. They finally ranked 5 in the league, whilst we ranked 7.

There was one particular cup game we lost in the last 3 minutes conceding 3 goals and extending the match into penalties. The game continued for another 30 minutes and we finally lost in penalties. The match was an emotional drench, and the day was wet and miserable too.

We turned the tide

We continued to perform well beating teams in both league and cup matches. Nonetheless, it was too late for us to have a chance to win the league. We were still with a chance of winning silverware – and make a success of our season. Our midfield kept growing strong, bossing games, winning the midfield battles and scoring a great number of goals. Pascal, one of our new players scored 17 goals over 9 games. He is our best goalscorer.

Strengthening the squad

He was not the only to join the team during the season. Peter, Scott, Oscar, George, Ruairi, the Dutch duo Josh and Mick came in to strengthen the club. They helped strengthen our defense and the midfield. Their arrival helped free our play-maker Guille, freeing him to focus on his creativity to unleash killer passes. Guille went on to be named Player of the Year as voted by his team mates. The club became a fortress. Nobody accepted losing until the last whistle.

Our existing players Alex, Andras, Mate(s), Karan, Flo, Norbert(s), Sandor, Valon, Szilard, Roland(s) continued to push and press and wins continued to come. In fact at the Xmas party, Karan was named most dedicated player. He was present every game. However during the penultimate league game, while the scores were 1 – 1, he was clattered by the opposition keeper and he broke his leg. The penalty was not taken – we expect him to take it. Eventually, our captain Gergo returned to playing regularly adding further strength and motivation to the team. We finally won our first trophy – offered by the Central London Super Sunday league.

The Future is bright

We will be part of the Southern Sunday Football League. The team will compete in division 3 of 9 playing against 12 other teams. The league provides us with opportunity to play cup matches against team across divisions.

At London Town FC, we are proud to have a title sponsor in House Renovation London.

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Amateur football team in London


To be an amateur football team in London is great fun. London Town FC had its traditional “End of season party” on 22nd June 2019 in Belgo Holborn, Central London. 33 members and their partners showed up.

The team had a successful season because we managed to win our first trophy and ended the season on a high. In the league however, we finished 7th place on the table. It was nonetheless too later for us to compete successfully for the title in the CLSSL.

Each of our players received their well-deserved gold medals as the awards ceremony entertained participants. As an amateur football team in London, we take pride in sharing with our members medals and a few presents too.

Player of the season 2018/2019: Guille Cubes Baviera

Top Goalscorer of the season 2018/2019: Pascal Durr

“Fun” awards:
Quickest yellow card: Mate Balla – around 20 seconds (bad timing)

Most red cards: Mick Engelbertink – 2 red cards

The club would like to thank everyone who has been part of the club of this season, players, staff, supporters and hoping to continue in middle of August where we left off.

At London Town FC, we are proud to have a title sponsor in House Renovation London.

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11 a side football team in London


The Prize well in sight

We set our eyes on the prize, the cup to be more precise. The team focus was to win! Coming second was not an option. Naturally, there were signs of nervousness because the team we were going to face had beaten us twice during the season. However, like never before, our players focused totally on winning. We are competitive. This is customary for an amateur 11-a-side football team in London. Our opponents are competitive too. They ended up 3rd place in the league.

Nerve balls

Usually for an 11-a-side football team in London, the game starts full of energy. However, as we expected, we started the game subdued by nerves and on 30th minute, we conceded. Just when one thinks that our heads should drop, as if by magic, conceding the goal lifted a heavy weight off our shoulders. We focused on the prize – as we had learnt during the season, the game is only finished after the last whistle.

The Turnaround

On minute 42, Geroge, as assisted by our captain and his namesake in Hungarian Gergo, we equalised. Our confidence went up through the roof of the London Stadium, under the shadow of which we were playing.

The opponent kept going strong, and as a result, the game was poised for a 1 all finished until minute 79 when George struck again, scoring our second goal. Notwithstanding the nerves, we had just taken the lead. Four minutes later, our top scorer Pascal scored our third. We were well and truly in with a chance to win our first trophy. In minute 91 as if to add the cherry on the cake, Ruairi, assisted by Peter, scored the fourth goal.

We did it. Our players played for each other and for the club. The club won its first title.

Competition: Central London Supper Sunday League CUP FINAL
Venue: London Marathon Community Track

Competing Team: London Town FC – Recreativo 4 – 1 (1 – 1)

Home Team
Andras Ivanics – Peter Franklin, Mick Engelbertink, Roland Farkas,
Sandor Lukacs (Scott Thacker) – Oscar Ponton (George Marshall),
Josha Lansink (Mate Balla), Guille Cubes Baviera, Ruairi Ward (Alex Doyle) –
Gergo Komjati (Cosmin Negrean), Pascal Dürr

George Marshall (2), Pascal Durr, Ruairi Ward
Assists: Gergo Komjati (2), Peter Franklin

MOTM: Guille Cubes Baviera

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The game began in good spirit and very competitive however visitors found the net first. We remain focused and keep our relentless pressure. However, team often catch us by surprise with their the counterattack.

We invite you to come and play 11 a side football with our team during your stay in London.

The first half finished 0 – 1 to the visitors. We kept challenging and about minute 58 of the match, with a long range shot from outside the penalty area, Gergo caught the ball so well that the pace of it took it under the keeper before he had time to properly calculate the ball trajectory.  Gergo’s 5th goal in the season.

Unfortunately, a few minutes later, the keeper of the opposition clatters our holding striker Karan,and brings him down inside the penalty area. The referee awarded a penalty, howevr it was never taken because before Karan had fallen to the floor, he indicated the ambulance was required and the game was abandoned at 1 -1.

Unfortunately, when you play 11 a side football, one runs the risk of injuring oneself.

At London Town FC, we are proud to have a title sponsor in House Renovation London.

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