The Organisation

Club Affiliation, Organisation and History

Established in May 2011, we are one of the most exciting amateur football clubs in London. We were established to serve as a base for everyone who moves to London for the first time, enabling our members to find new friends and keep fit through the club.

From May 2011 LTFC fielded 1 team in the West London Sunday League, a local unsanctioned competition running 3 monthly seasons. We continued in that league until Spring 2017.

From September 2013 LTFC fielded a second team in the West End League (London A.F.A) – this lasted one season.

From September 2017 we moved from the West London Sunday League into Central London Super Sunday League. We decided to continue with one team.

Guiding principles and Philosophy

The Club seeks to promote the values of fair play, sportsmanship, courtesy and respect for each other, match officials and members of opposing teams and their coaches/supporters.

Full details of what is expected from players, coaches, members and supporters can be found at the following website – and on our own website:

Club and Member Expectations

The Club’s contribution:

  • High standard home ground and facilities
  • Competitive 11 a side adult league football
  • Organised training sessions with a qualified coach
  • Fair selection process to encourage success for all members
  • Social calendar of regular events and get-to-gethers

Member contribution:

  • Be regularly available and punctual for training and matches
  • Attend training and/or maintain your fitness between matches
  • To mix with and entertain the Match Officials and opposition players, both Home and Away.
  • Support social events and mix with fellow club members
  • Be supportive of your club and contribute your thoughts and ideas
  • Make payments such as subscription fees promptly where required


As part of our ongoing work to build the club, we plan to strengthen the current membership by inviting friends of friends and publicise our club through social media.

Membership and Selection

The club operates a guest membership system – see details on membership criteria, fees and further information in the separate Information for Guest Members sheet.

Communications and social events

Regular social gatherings are organised by the social secretary and we expect attendance and support for these to increase after another spirited season of activities.


A management committee oversees the club with elected members voted for at the Annual General Meeting (July).

The Committee aims to meet regularly and all members can make representations and suggestions through the Club Secretary throughout the season and at the Annual General Meeting.