London Town FC

Player Code of Conduct

1) Respect the health and safety of everyone in the pitch (50/50 & “I got the ball”) EXCUSES FOR A RECKLESS TACKLE ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE.

2) No swearing, spitting, name calling, making racist remarks or any remarks that could be perceived as offensive.

3) Be punctual; show up 45 minutes before kickoff. Don’t use London traffic as an excuse for lateness. Too many late arrivals may mean you are no longer invited to participate in club training or games.

4) Co-operate with your coach / manager, team mates, opponents and the match official, for without them you would not have a game.

5) Control your temper and use your energies for playing better football; refrain from using foul language towards anyone in the pitch.

6) Treat all players as you yourself would like to be treated. Do not interfere with, bully or take an unfair advantage of any player.

7) Play to win but fairly, be a good loser.
8) Remember that the aims of the game are: have fun, improve your skill and feel good about your contribution to your team.

9) Play for the “fun of it”, not just to please your coach or manager.

10) Play by the Laws of the Game.

11) Never argue with the decision of the Referee or Assistant Referee; play to the whistle.

12) At the end of the match, all players must shake hands and thank the Referee and Assistant Referees.

13) Players must show respect for the facilities & equipment they use. Players will be expected to help set up and clear away equipment.

14) Learn the Laws of the Game and you will be a much better football player.

15) A substitute or substituted player, when off the field of play, is still subject to the authority and the jurisdiction of the Referee.

16) Bring your clean club kit every week.

17) Bring and wear your shin guards; no shin guards may mean you cannot play.

18) Say sorry and walk away from tackle that has gone badly; never antagonize other players.

19) Play well for yourself and your team, your team’s performance will benefit and so will your own.

20) Be a good sport. Recognise all good play, by your team or by your opponent’s team.

21) The pitch is 3G astro turf and only non-studs non-blade shoes are allowed.

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