Month: September 2013

Football social media


Social media In Football

Social media in football is an integral part of the beautiful game; well a peripheral one actually. It is a peripheral one because the game, thankfully does not allow it to intrude on the pitch, or does it?

London Town FC is now present on most popular social networking media platforms, enabling our fans to interact with us online. This gives our fans the opportunity to engage with our club and players. We are excited given we want to be as close as possible to our fans.

For all tweeterholic fans, reading our tweets and following us on the twitterdom couldn’t be much easier, simply click here.

Our fans who would rather engage with us on our Facebook group or simply follow us on our Facebook page click the group or page links.

To see our instagram page and comment on team photos please click here.

Finally to interact with us on our Linked In group follow this link. When it comes to social media in football we got it covered. Happy interaction!

At London Town FC, we are proud to have a title sponsor in House Renovation London.

To join our club, please click on this link or click Join Now in the main menu.