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Summary Courtesy of Shabeeb Musthafa – A club member.

This article summarises Disciplinary Procedures the club is subject to whilst competing in the West End London A.F.A League. These procedures are dealt with by County Associations under Match Based Discipline.

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This Article will provide information on what procedures are adopted and required for match based discipline and interactive learning and education around the decision making of appeals and hearings.


A yellow card received by a Player will be shown on the paperwork from the County as a ‘Caution’, and we will refer to both terms throughout the booklet.

5 Cautions

If a Player receives 5 cautions between the first day of the season and 31st December they will be suspended for a period of 1 match suspension and be fined £15. If they receive their 5th caution after the 31st December they will be warned as to their future conduct and no suspension shall be imposed.

10 Cautions

If a Player receives 10 cautions between the first day of the season and the second Sunday in April they will be suspended for a period of 2 match suspension and be fined £15. If they receive their 10th caution after the second Sunday in April they will be warned as to their future conduct and no suspension shall be imposed.

15 Cautions

If a Player receives 15 cautions playing between the first and last day of the season they will be suspended for a period of 3 match suspension and be fined £15.

For every 5 cautions they receive thereafter they will be charged with continuing misconduct.

All yellow cards have an automatic administration fee of £10.00 which is imposed by the County Associations (London Football Association) which the participant is responsible for. There is no right to appeal against a yellow card.


A red card received by a Player will be shown on the paperwork from the County as a ‘Standard Charge’.

If a player is suspended then it is a matter of fact that the player has to serve 14 days suspension from the game from the date of the game!

The categories come into effect for red cards and therefore if a Player is sent off for a second time in the season they will only serve an additional suspension if the red card is within the same category and same football level.


Players who have been sent off earlier in season and are dismissed for a 2nd time will receive an additional match suspension from the County. Players who are sent off for a third time will receive two additional matches and so forth. This only refers to the type of football, therefore if you have been sent off, but not for that type e.g. Sunday football; you will not receive any additional suspension other than the standard charge. There is no right of appeal against this punishment and it will be imposed automatically.


When a Player is sent off they are automatically suspended for the number of matches depending on the reason for the dismissal. Upon receiving the report and possible further investigation if the County Association believes that the original punishment is too lenient they are able to raise a further charge against the individual where a response is required, the individual being able to plead guilty or not guilty. This is a misconduct charge and would only be issued when the original punishment is clearly insufficient.

A Misconduct Charge will be issued where an incident is reported which does not fall under standard dismissal offences or is a serious offense. A Discipline Commission will convene to consider all Misconduct Cases, whether the response to the charge is accepted or denied.

A Player can be charged with Misconduct following being sent from the field of play. For example, a Player is sent off for violent conduct (will receive the standard three match ban), and before leaving the field of play used abusive/insulting comments towards a Match Official. The latter would be dealt with as Misconduct and subsequently the Player will have a second charge that they need to respond to, having the options to accept or deny the charge.

If you receive a Misconduct Charge and it is found Proven, the suspension is from ALL Football

If you are issued with a Misconduct Charge you will receive a charge letter, response form and any evidence that the County have received which they have based their charge upon. You must ensure you respond to the charge within 14 days.

Summary Courtesy of Shabeeb Musthafa – A club member.

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